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Designers inspiration details...

"Catrin Mostyn Jones has a clear aesthetic languauge and fascinating vision"


Sculptural works are inspired by exploring  nature and the human body at a microscopic level.


Examining the complex colourful images derived from

these studies has given Catrin the stimulus to develop and explore differing combinations of form and colour.


Catrin's vivid collection of hand built and press moulded sculptural forms are brought to life by the additions of

growths using coils and textures. Her work is predominantly non-functional or it could be said that some of her pieces are functional with a twist. The collection ranges from large extravagant one off artefacts to medium and small decorative, tactile pieces, incuding a jewellery and lighting range. What really brings the work alive though is her exciting surfaces which include flocking and glazing, through a wide range of earthenware glazes applied by spraying multiple layers sometimes using a wax resist.


The resulting effect has been described as "Dazzlingly beautiful like a neon hallucination of a coral reef" "A sensual, evocative and organic burst of coral reef colours and textures.”


In 2011 Catrin's work was selected as a featured maker to research as part of the exam question for GCSE Art- Please see the question below


Marine Life

Patterns and forms in marine life inspire many artists, craftspeople and designers. Jewellery designer Sarah Parker-Eaton, textiles designer Thea Bjerg and craftsperson Louise Hibbert are inspired by sea life. Ceramicist Catrin Mostyn Jones makes hand-built and press-moulded sculptural vessels inspired by observations through a microscope.

Research appropriate sources and produce your own work, in any media, based on Marine Life.